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About Us

Our Philosophy

We are committed to providing the highest level of care to our clients and working to make our services available to anyone in need of support reaching their health and wellness goals.

We are a warm and affirming practice that is open to clients of all physical abilities, races, sizes, ages, gender identities, religions and ethnic groups.

At Healthier Tomorrows, we believe that food can truly be powerful medicine, and we embrace a holistic approach. We work with clients to improve their overall well-being by looking at the root cause of disease and discomfort, not only treating the symptoms. We take great pride in spending time with our clients, learning about their individual wellness journey and completing a comprehensive process to tailor treatment directly to each individual’s needs.

We believe that an experienced dietitian is an integral part of a successful recovery team, providing nutrition information, education, and support while monitoring weight and behaviors, challenging distorted thinking surrounding body weight, food, and body image, and continually adapting the meal plan to the needs of the individual.

Meet Our Team

“I am incredibly grateful for the treatment that I have received and continue to receive at Healthier Tomorrows. I have been working with a dietitian at HT for almost 5 years now. The dietitians I have worked with at HT are at the top of their field, so well trained, and incredibly compassionate.”

“I’ve been working with Jess via Healthier Tomorrows for a couple of years now and she has honestly changed my life for the better. Jess takes a realistic approach to whatever lifestyle changes you are trying to make and encourages moderation. It’s been helpful and refreshing to have someone understand that food is such a big part of our happiness and lifestyle.”

“I have been coming here since 2017 and have worked with both Jill and Sarita. My experience here has helped me immensely in my recovery, as that is not always linear, I have always found healthier tomorrows to be willing to meet me where I’m at and am grateful for their support in getting me where I am today. My sessions have included hands on learning such as going to the grocery store which I think is a creative and practical way to put into practice what is discuses in sessions.”

“I wanted to thank you for working your magic on me. The work you did on my diet has, in a short time, made me happier, fitter, faster, and sharper. I yawn less at work, sleep better, am able to run around on the soccer field like I’m 19 again, and don’t skip Friday night plans because I’m too exhausted. Thanks maestro.”

“I have worked with Healthier Tomorrows in a couple of instances and felt that my work with them has been productive throughout my recovery journey. I’m currently working with Elizabeth and have found our appointments to be really helpful in making progress towards eating more and having fewer rules around food. Would recommend for patients at any stage in recovery as I was in a different spot in my previous experience with them.”

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