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We are a team of passionate, dedicated registered dietitians who are committed to providing the highest quality outpatient nutrition care to our clients. Our focus is supporting our clients as they recover from eating disorders, disordered eating, or other nutrition-related conditions. We believe in the power of compassion and the value of relationship and connection to others in the healing process!

In addition, we support one another in reaching our personal and professional goals, and we take pride in creating a work environment where every member of the team is valued and respected, and where everyone can feel proud of the contribution that they make to improving the physical, mental and emotional health of our clients. We are a trauma-informed and inclusive practice. We offer in-person services in our Chicago-area offices, and virtual services to clients living throughout the country.

If you are interested in joining our team, and have a passion for eating disorder recovery, supporting clients with chronic disease prevention and nutrition treatment, or a desire to support clients utilizing a functional approach to wellness, please send your resume and letter of interest to

We look forward to hearing from you!

“Healthier Tomorrows is a truly supportive team, that is dedicated to providing the best client care through robust training and ongoing support and education.”

“It is refreshing to be a part of this company of professionals that effects a positive change in the lives of its clients and the world!”

“Healthier Tomorrows is a dream work environment. I did not know work-life balance existed like this. The training process was incredibly smooth and my supervisor is always available to answer my questions promptly and with such grace!”

“Working for Healthier Tomorrows is such an amazing opportunity to have personal and professional growth. Healthier Tomorrows values continuing to better yourself as an RD and offers support and resources to help you to learn more about the areas you already love and a chance to grow your knowledge and find interest in new areas.”

“I have never felt as supported in my career as I do working for Healthier Tomorrows. Aside from working with such like-minded people, everyone is so eager to lend a helping hand and provide advice. I have grown so much as a dietitian in working for Healthier Tomorrows already!”

“I love working at Healthier Tomorrows! I have been a RDN for almost 10 years and have never received the amount of support than I have with this company. Everyone is happy to help, give advice, and listen whenever you are struggling with a client. Even though we are spaced out across the country, it feels like a very tight community! These are some of the brightest individuals I have ever worked with and I feel lucky to be part of such a great team!”

“Healthier Tomorrows is a great place to work as a dietitian. Everyone is so kind and willing to help! Staff strives to help reach your goals as a dietitian and provides helpful support and feedback. Healthier Tomorrows employees strive for the best client care possible, along with a flexible and supportive work environment. I truly feel lucky to work at Healthier Tomorrows!”

“If you are looking to work as an RD with flexibility in your schedule and workload, continually learn and grow (A LOT), work with your preferred population and specialty, be compensated appropriately, and make friends with those you work with – Healthier Tomorrows is the place for you!”

“Healthier Tomorrows is an amazing place to work. I feel so supported and engaged even working remotely. Out of all of the places I have worked, Healthier Tomorrows has the best boundaries in place with work-life balance, communication with coworkers, clients, and other providers, and overall communication and expectations. I am very happy to be working here!”

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