Karena Vogrin RD, LDN

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Karena's Bio

Karena is a registered dietitian specializing in eating disorders and is dedicated to fostering a warm and supportive environment for her clients, ensuring they feel genuinely listened to and embraced at every stage of their journey.

Karena has experience working in the residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient levels of eating disorder care with adults, adolescents, and families. Karena embraces a non-diet approach that rises above societal pressures, emphasizing both emotional and physical well-being. Karena’s approach to nutrition is weight-neutral, trauma-informed, and acknowledges that health is a multifaceted journey. Within this philosophy, Karena’s focus involves cultivating mindful eating, embracing joyful movement, addressing the stigma associated with certain foods, and aiding clients in recognizing their core values specific to nutrition.

In addition to eating disorder care, Karena enjoys nutritionally supporting individuals with blood sugar management, cardiovascular health, general wellness concerns, and vegan/vegetarian nutrition.

Karena received her Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences from The Pennsylvania State University and completed her supervised practice training through Sodexo Dietetic Internships in Pennsylvania. Beyond her professional life, Karena enjoys discovering new culinary delights and exploring different locations. She cherishes moments with loved ones and enjoys nurturing her collection of plants. Karena delights in spending time with her dachshund, Theodore, and leopard gecko, Teagan.

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