Adrienne Dink

Adrienne Dink MS, RDN, LDN

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Adrienne's Bio

Adrienne is a registered and licensed dietitian who received her Masters of Science in Nutrition and internship training from University of Illinois at Chicago.

Adrienne’s background involves counseling on the topics of weight management, bariatric surgery, and dietary strategies for managing GERD/acid reflux. Through these experiences, she has learned that years of dieting and inflexible food rules can lead to disordered eating habits and a poor relationship with food and one’s body. This tends to take individuals away from, rather than toward, their health goals. This has led her to be passionate about a non-diet, weight inclusive approach to nutrition.

Adrienne strives to help clients develop a “no fuss” relationship with food. Part of this involves dismantling disordered beliefs surrounding food that many individuals have internalized from years of dieting and myths prevalent in the media. This also involves helping clients to implement straightforward and timesaving nutrition habits. Adrienne herself is not an avid cook, and prefers instead to keep it simple in the kitchen (while still desiring nourishing, delicious food!).

In her free-time, she enjoys exploring the city through slow jogs in different neighborhoods, trying new restaurants and unique beers in good company, resting and reading, and most importantly, playing the role of a “monster/super villain” in order to entertain her four year old twin nephews.

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