Sarita Aguirre

Sarita Aguirre MS, RD, LDN

Clinical Supervisor

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Sarita's Bio

Sarita is a registered and licensed dietitian, who believes in helping each client learn, develop, and apply skills to find a balanced relationship with food, and live their best life.  She uses effective listening, empathy, open communication, and humor to connect with her clients, and she works with her clients to create a supportive environment where they can find autonomy and confidence.  Sarita believes in the power of small steps and how they can build lasting, lifelong change.  As part of supporting her clients, Sarita also enjoys collaborating with clinicians from multiple disciplines, and she recognizes the value in a team-based approach to providing patient care and support.

Before joining Healthier Tomorrows, Sarita worked at the residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient levels of care, and she has significant experience working with clients with eating, mood, and anxiety disorders.  Sarita also has an interest in performance nutrition and has experience working with athletes as well as those needing special dietary accommodations and those with general health and wellness needs.

In her role as Clinical Supervisor, Sarita provides individual and group training, case consultation and supervision to the dietitians at Healthier Tomorrows.

Sarita attended the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics, and completed her dietetic internship and earned her Master of Science in Nutrition at Northern Illinois University.

Sarita is also a registered out-of-state telehealth provider with the Florida Department of Health and is available to provide telehealth sessions to Florida residents.

Outside of time spent working with her clients and providing clinical supervision, Sarita enjoys traveling, laughing and having fun with friends and family, cooking, music, and movies.

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