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Lactation Consulting

Lactation Consulting What & Who We Treat

Our team offers education, support and practical assistance to help our clients make informed decisions about their breastfeeding journey, address their breastfeeding concerns and questions, and walk alongside them to help them meet their breastfeeding goals.  Specific areas where we offer support, education and guidance include:

  • prenatal breastfeeding education,
  • perinatal nutrition information to support both maternal and infant well-being,
  • addressing breastfeeding concerns and challenges, including low milk supply and discomfort during breastfeeding,
  • managing infant food allergies while breastfeeding,
  • answering questions about infant nutrition, developing a feeding schedule, and supporting growth and baby weight gain,
  • understanding baby behavior and feeding cues,
  • introducing complementary foods,
  • assisting with using a breast pump and/or creating a pumping schedule, and
  • education and support in planning for a return to work.


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Lactation Consulting How We Help

At Healthier Tomorrows, we provide comprehensive breastfeeding information and education to empower our prenatal and postpartum clients and their families/caregivers, and we give them the support they need to help them reach their infant feeding goals!  Our team, which includes registered dietitians who also hold the International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) credential, have specialized knowledge about the nutritional and immunological components of breast milk and clinical management of breastfeeding, and we can provide knowledgeable and compassionate care along every aspect of the breastfeeding journey.

We are a warm and affirming practice that is open to clients of all physical abilities, races, sizes, ages, gender identities, religions and ethnic groups.

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