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Chrissy Stagg MS, RD, LDN

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Chrissy's Bio

Chrissy is a registered dietitian who is passionate about creating an open, non-judgmental space to support her clients in forming healthy relationships with food. She works alongside her clients to develop a unique eating approach to fit their lifestyles while making progress toward their larger health goals. Chrissy believes that most patterns and habits around food develop earlier in life and can take time to change, and she is dedicated to creating an environment where her clients are empowered to make small changes that, over time, can lead to lasting changes in her clients relationships with food and their bodies.

Chrissy has experience with both adolescent and adult nutrition support, women’s health, glucose management and aging.  She particularly enjoys working with adolescents and adults who may identify with neurodivergent patterns, anxiety, ADHD, sensory concerns, and similar tendencies.  Having three daughters, she also understands that women of all ages are often faced with information directed at them from many directions that can negatively influence how they feel about their bodies and their self-image.  Her goal is to help her clients not only understand how these influences impact their patterns but also how to work through them with a goal of improving self-love and self-appreciation.  She also firmly believes that, while a scale can tell us about a person’s relationship with gravity, it does not define a person’s character or self-worth.

Chrissy received her education at Lamar University where she has also previously served as an adjunct professor, on the board of advisors, and a preceptor for the Dietetic Internship program. She is working toward her certification as a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist through iaedp and has a large interest in nutrition psychology.

When she isn’t in session, you can find her spending time outside, with her family, reading, or enjoying her newest hobby: floral legos.

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