Summer Cooper RD, LDN

Posted March 31, 2023

Summer Cooper is a registered dietitian who enjoys working alongside clients on their individual health journeys and guiding them to a positive and sustainable relationship with food and body image. Her work focuses on targeting ineffective behaviors and beliefs about food and body using Health at Every Size principles, Intuitive Eating, food exposures and FBT-informed care. Summer appreciates everyone’s uniqueness and offers a gracious and affectionate approach throughout the treatment process as she works to balance nutrition science and education successfully. She enjoys working with individuals of all ages!

Summer was born and raised in Kentucky but now calls Indiana home. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Western Kentucky University, where she also completed her dietetic internship.

Before joining Healthier Tomorrows, Summer worked as a college campus dietitian and collegiate sports dietitian, followed by extensive work at an eating disorder clinic where she served as a dietitian in the individual and group nutrition counseling and intensive outpatient program settings. Summer is passionate about creating safe spaces for clients to work through their eating disorder/disordered eating concerns as well as supporting other chronic health conditions during one-on-one nutrition counseling.

Outside of work Summer enjoys spending time with her husband and two young daughters, church community, reading, the outdoors, and thinking of movie quotes to match most situations!

Margaret Dahl MS, RD, LDN, CSSD

Posted August 28, 2023

Margaret Dahl is a registered and licensed dietitian with a background in both sports nutrition and eating disorders, including the intersection of the two. She focuses on creating a body- and food-neutral environment when working with her clients in order to help them reach their health and wellness goals. She understands that pursuing behavior change is often difficult and requires empathy, patience and support, and Margaret enjoys supporting and guiding her clients with nutrition education while incorporating Health at Every Size principles into her practice.

Margaret enjoys working with athletes of all levels and abilities, having worked with both professional and college athletes. She also enjoys working with clients struggling with eating disorders and disordered eating behaviors. Prior to joining the Healthier Tomorrows team, she working with clients at higher levels of care, with a focus on the IOP level of care, and she has experience working with children, adolescents and adults.

Margaret received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in Food Science and Human Nutrition. She received her Master’s degree and finished her dietetic internship at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics and is pursuing her certification as an eating disorder specialist.

Maggie Herin MS, RD, LDN

Posted May 15, 2023

Maggie is passionate about guiding her clients to a better relationship with food and their bodies. She practices from a place of compassion and empathy, recognizing each client has their own unique story. Maggie takes her passion for metabolism, biochemistry, cooking, intuitive eating, and recovery and helps her clients learn the skills needed to empower their health and recovery journeys. She loves working with clients of all ages and genders, but takes particular interest in adolescents and adults in recovery from eating disorders and chronic dieting. With her background in inpatient adolescent eating disorder recovery, she recognizes the value in a multidisciplinary approach with consistent communication with each client’s care team. In addition to her experience working with adolescents in recovery, she has also worked extensively in pediatric and adult transplant, oncology, infant/toddler, trauma, and chronic disease management, from ICU to outpatient levels of care.

Maggie lives in Memphis, TN, where she completed both her graduate and undergraduate degrees. She is currently working towards her certification as an iaedp Certified Eating Disorder Specialist and is (only slightly) obsessed with reading the latest scientific literature regarding all things nutrition. In her free time, Maggie loves experimenting with sourdough baking, going for runs with her dog, Duke, and exploring the newest events and restaurants in her city.

Maggie Lefavor MS, RD, LDN

Posted October 27, 2023

Maggie Lefavor is a registered dietitian who believes that all foods fit and have a purpose. Maggie learned from a young age the power of food as a source of connection and love, having grown up sharing her homemade desserts with friends and family. She is passionate about helping her clients develop a better relationship with food and their bodies, as these relationships are lifelong. Maggie practices from a non-diet, Health at Every Size aligned point of view.

Maggie received her bachelor’s degree in nutrition from La Salle University in Philadelphia and then received her master’s degree in human nutrition from the University of Alabama. Maggie has extensive experience working with clients with eating disorders and disordered eating and has worked in eating disorder treatment for her entire career at all different levels of care including, inpatient, PHP, IOP, and outpatient. Maggie enjoys meeting virtually with clients and especially loves supporting clients with cooking and eating during sessions.

Maggie lives near the beach with her husband and their dog and loves getting to walk to the beach whenever she wants. She enjoys playing golf and pickleball, reading, cooking and baking, spending time with her family, and trying new restaurants with her friends.

Lauren Oakes MBA, RD, LDN, CEDS-C

Posted July 30, 2021

Lauren is passionate about helping clients develop and maintain a healthy relationship with food and their bodies. Lauren incorporates intuitive eating and the Health at Every Size (HAES) philosophy during her sessions, striving to create an upbeat and positive atmosphere to make every client feel comfortable and safe. Lauren takes pride supporting her clients through their journey of creating more balanced lifestyles which includes ways to be more flexible, adaptable, and recognizing the positive change that can come when there is a more positive relationship with food.

Lauren is a registered and licensed dietitian, and received her Bachelor’s degree from Madonna University and her MBA from Walsh College. She completed her clinical training through Beaumont Health in Metro Detroit. Lauren is a Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian and Consultant through the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals.

In her free time, Lauren enjoys spending time with her husband and their two dogs. She enjoys traveling, hiking, cooking, and golfing. Lauren values the ability to reach more people through virtual nutritional counseling – she is passionate about educating and meeting her clients where they are.

Loni Pereszlenyi MS, RD, LDN

Posted September 21, 2022

Loni Pereszlenyi, MS, RDN, LD is a registered dietitian with a great passion for supporting her clients as they navigate their own personal journeys toward healthier, more peaceful relationships with food and the body. Although Loni has outpatient experience in many areas of medical nutrition and nutrition counseling, she truly feels most impactful when working with clients that struggle with eating disorders or disordered eating behaviors. Loni knows that all clients come in at different levels of readiness and motivation to approach a healthier relationship with food. Loni strives to meet her clients at their starting points, working to provide individualized, goal-oriented, compassionate care throughout the client-dietitian relationship.

Loni holds two undergraduate degrees from West Chester University of Pennsylvania – a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies and a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics. Additionally, she holds a minor in psychology, and has a strong interest in the intersection of nutrition and mental health. She completed her dietetic training concurrently with her Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics at St. Louis University.

A lifelong resident of the Philadelphia area, Loni enjoys spending her free time cooking, baking, reading, and exploring new restaurants with her fiancé. Oh, and OF COURSE, cheering on her beloved Phillies, Eagles, and 76ers!!

Carly Pine MS, RD, LDN

Posted December 28, 2023

Carly Pine is a registered and licensed dietitian passionate about individualized nutrition education for each client’s needs and overall well-being. Carly’s previous experience has demonstrated that success is not always linear, and she has therefore made it a priority to be a consistent, guiding hand in each of her client’s recoveries. She is well-versed in trauma-informed care and works diligently to create an emotionally and physically safe atmosphere for each of her clients. Carly prides herself on her empathetic, warm nature and non-judgemental nutrition counseling style along with her consistent dedication to the Health at Every Size (HAES) and All Foods Fit frameworks.

Before joining Healthier Tomorrows, Carly worked as a dietitian in an eating disorder treatment center with both adolescent and adult clients in partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient levels of care. Carly helped clients heal their relationships with body image, food, and physical activity through one-on-one sessions and facilitated weekly body image and nutrition education skill groups. She has significant experience guiding family sessions, developing individualized meal plans, and conducting various food exposure therapies. Carly has worked closely with clients with co-occurring mental health diagnoses including, but not limited to, addictions, anxiety, depression, and trauma. Carly has significant experience serving the following communities: LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, transgender, non-binary, and neurodivergent individuals.

Carly’s specific nutrition-related interests include addiction recovery, ARFID, cooking lessons, eating disorder recovery, family-based treatment, and intuitive eating in addition to supervising meal preparation and leading grocery store tours in the Chicago-land area.

Carly received her Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Human Nutrition from The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She completed her dietetic internship and earned a Master’s in Nutrition from Rush University.

In her free time, Carly loves to try new coffee shops all over the city of Chicago and baking her fan-favorite banana bread. More often than not, you can find her watching a Marvel movie or The Great British Baking Show while cuddled up with her mini cockapoo, Payton (Go Chicago Bears!).

Natalie Stine RD, LDN

Posted August 2, 2022

Natalie is a proud anti-diet registered dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor with a passion for helping adults and children develop a peaceful relationship with food, body acceptance and trust, and integrating movement in an intuitive and joyful way. Her nutrition philosophy is based on mind-body connection that is rooted in self-care, curiosity, and Health at Every Size (HAES). Natalie believes in walking alongside her clients and working collaboratively with them toward their goals, as opposed to pushing or pulling them to a specific external health destination. Additionally, being a mom herself, Natalie can relate to parents when it comes to the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of feeding children. She believes in the power of creating a safe and supportive space for children to develop into a positive relationship with food and body and how this can help children become resilient against diet culture as they mature and enter the world.

Natalie enjoys working with clients who have been harmed by diet culture messaging and are looking to heal their relationship with food and body image, parents/caregivers seeking support in feeding their children and fostering a positive food & body relationship in their child, neurodivergent individuals who have been harmed by neuronormative ideals around eating, college students and young adults navigating life transitions, individuals stepping down from treatment at a higher level of care, individuals managing chronic health conditions, and individuals interested in establishing a joyful relationship with movement. Additionally, Natalie has experience serving the following communities: LGBTQIA+, BIPOC folks, transgender and non-binary folks, and neurodivergent folks. She is a down to earth and compassionate provider and strives to create a safe space for her clients.

Before joining Healthier Tomorrows, Natalie worked with clients struggling with eating disorders at higher levels of care. She has experience at the partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient levels of care with adolescent and adult patients of all eating disorder diagnoses. She values a whole person approach to her work and has experience working with clients who have co-occurring diagnoses, including anxiety, depression, neurodivergence, trauma, and clients who are in recovery from various forms of addiction.

In addition to her experience with eating disorder treatment, Natalie has worked as the campus dietitian at a large university, and assisted students, faculty, and staff on a variety of nutrition-related topics, including food allergies/intolerances, celiac disease, cooking classes, and nutrition support for a variety of conditions (including diabetes, gastrointestinal health and cardiovascular health). She also has experience working in sports performance nutrition with professional, collegiate, and high school athletes.

Natalie received her Bachelor of Science in Dietetics at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and completed her dietetic internship at Adagio Health, a non-profit organization in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Being neurodivergent herself, Natalie has a vast array of hobbies. In her free time, you can find her cycling, taking a yoga class, weight lifting, watching reality TV, reading, or building legos with her husband and son!

Allison White MS, RD, LDN

Posted March 23, 2023

Allison is a registered dietitian who loves working with clients to help them become the most confident versions of themselves. She enjoys working with clients that have disordered eating habits and eating disorders as well as clients seeking help and support with food allergies, picky eating, fertility nutrition, postpartum nutrition / breastfeeding, gestational diabetes, cooking lessons, meal planning, and sports nutrition.

Allison strives to create a warm and honest environment in all client sessions so that her clients feel free to speak openly about their relationship with food, their bodies, and what changes they want to make to prioritize their health and wellness.  When working with her clients struggling with eating disorders, Allison strives to help them heal from the impacts of diet culture and reduce shame and establish a better relationship with food and their bodies.  She also incorporates intuitive eating and the health at every size philosophy into her nutrition counseling sessions.  Allison prides herself on creating a compassionate and non-judgmental environment that allows her clients to gain the knowledge and skills needed to restore their health and relationship with food.

Allison received her bachelor’s degree from West Chester University and completed her clinical dietetic training at WVU Medicine in Morgantown, WV.  She received her master’s in nutrition at Stony Brook University.

Before joining Healthier Tomorrows, Allison worked with clients with a variety of eating disorders diagnoses, including ARFID and Binge Eating Disorder, at the PHP/IOP level of care and in the inpatient setting.

Allison loves spending time with her fiancé and her bernadoodle. She also enjoys baking, traveling, reading romance novels, running, watching Disney movies, and spending time at the beach with her family and friends.

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