Below are some testimonials from our clients.

Megan’s potent combination of professional expertise and personal warmth and humor has made a profound impact on me and on my efforts to be healthy. I owe my success to her guidance, and I give her credit whenever I’m asked about my weight loss.

– Tom

What I appreciate most about Healthier Tomorrows, and specifically Megan’s approach, is the commitment to finding the ‘right’, most holistic, and life-long solution for clients. Megan is steadfast in her creative approaches and I take comfort in the fact that she is current in her learning and what’s cutting edge in the field of nutrition and wellness.

– L.F.

I wanted to thank you for working your magic on me. The work you did on my diet has, in a short time, made me happier, fitter, faster, and sharper. I yawn less at work, sleep better, am able to run around on the soccer field like I’m 19 again, and don’t skip Friday night plans because I’m too exhausted. Thanks maestro.

– C. Riley

Megan became a crucial and integral part of my treatment team when I hit my lowest point with my battle with anorexia. I came in with zero faith for the future and no belief in myself. Megan met me where I was with no judgment. She provided me hope when I had none. Megan tailored each session to meet my own unique needs. She has vast and remarkable nutrition knowledge, and I have learned so much on how to fuel my body properly and effectively. Moreover, she has helped me challenge the terribly invasive disordered thoughts about food, providing me the correct knowledge and tools to properly dispute such distortions.

Megan also is one of the friendliest and most compassionate people I know! Her entire heart and being is with each and every one of her clients. I have never for once felt like just another client, or just another time slot. I know she is committed to me and my process. She makes herself available when I need her the most, and I have always felt so supported in whatever I do. I know she cares about my overall health and well-being, and is so apparent with her warm and empathetic nature. This has all provided me with such an immense and deep level of trust with her. Megan has helped me get one step closer to happiness, one step closer health, and most of all, one step closer to freedom. I couldn’t imagine going through this journey without her and recommend Megan’s services to anyone that is struggling with disordered eating – she will give you a second chance on life!

– Maggie H.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the messages about health and body image. Healthier Tomorrows helps you focus on your own goals and what’s best for you. Megan’s knowledge, compassion, and wisdom have not only helped me to achieve better health overall, but has taught me to better respect my body and myself. Even when I struggle, Megan is in my corner and helps me utilize tools to get back on track.

– Kate

Megan is succeeding in helping us and our teenage daughter learn how to nourish her. Megan works well with all of us and is committed and professional. She gives us tools that we are all using not just our daughter.

– Celia

I am able to feel your support and good will and it’s absolutely making a positive difference for me. Thank you.

– Mary

We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. Several attendees, myself included, are still talking about it weeks later. It was extremely informative, inspirational, and affirming. I was especially appreciative of the individual attention you showed me subsequent to the presentation. You have a wealth of life changing wellness information to share and your approach is engaging and comprehensible.

– Tammy M.

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