Jamie Morgan RD, LDN, CYT

Posted November 8, 2023

Jamie is a registered dietitian that is dedicated to helping her clients foster a positive relationship with food and their bodies.  She strives to meet her clients where they are and to empower them to make informed choices that honor their bodies and support their health goals. Jamie is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, certified yoga teacher and is Health at Every Size aligned.  She utilizes the intuitive eating framework and mindfulness to guide her clients to reconnect with their body’s wisdom and to embrace a more balanced and joyful approach to eating and body image. Jamie especially enjoys working with clients struggling with eating disorders and disordered eating behaviors, clients looking for help and support with sports and performance nutrition, and clients looking for new ways to find enjoyment in movement and exercise.  In addition, Jamie has many years of experience working with clients on a range of health concerns, including cardiovascular health, diabetes, PCOS and gastrointestinal health.  She also has experience providing cooking lessons and instruction.

Jamie completed her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from West Chester University and completed her dietetic internship at The University of Maryland College Park. Before joining the team at Healthier Tomorrows Jamie worked with veterans of the U.S armed forces in both Virginia and Florida and has worked with local athletes to improve their athletic performance.

Outside of work you can find Jamie paddling with her local outrigger canoe crew, hanging with her two pups, cooking, and spending as much time in nature as possible.


Alicia Pottmeyer MS, RD, LDN

Posted March 11, 2024

Alicia is a registered and licensed dietitian who is passionate about helping clients develop a healthy relationship with their food and body devoid of food rules, restrictions, or judgment. She utilizes motivational interviewing and a weight-neutral approach to provide individualized nutrition care in order to help clients improve their health and reach their goals. She recognizes the pervasive diet culture that we all live in and works to dismantle this by debunking the myths it perpetuates. She also recognizes the importance of interdisciplinary work and uses a whole-body approach acknowledging the strong mind-body connection.

Alicia has extensive experience working in the eating disorder field, working in multiple levels of care including in-patient, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and outpatient care. She has worked with a variety of diagnoses, genders, and ages.

She also has experience working with end stage renal disease patients on dialysis who had a variety of comorbidities including cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Alicia completed her Bachelors of Science in Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University and then earned her Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics at The University of Pittsburgh while completing her dietetic internship at UPMC Magee Women’s hospital.

In her free time, Alicia enjoys reading, running, and spending time with her family and friends and family dog. She also has a newfound love for pickleball and enjoys trying new things.


Haley Riechmann M.Ed., RD, LDN

Posted March 21, 2022

Haley is a registered and licensed dietitian with a passion for helping clients achieve optimal health outcomes by applying knowledge of preventative health care, mindfulness and clinical nutrition.  Haley focuses on building relationships and providing a safe environment for her clients to share their struggles. Haley helps her clients remove the rules and learn that all food can fit.  She believes food is meant to be enjoyed and to nourish our bodies and minds.

Haley received her bachelor’s degree from Fontbonne University and completed her clinical training at St. Louis University. She also received her MEd at Plymouth State University in Plymouth, NH. Before joining Healthier Tomorrows, Haley worked with patients diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease receiving dialysis. Prior to that, she worked in an outpatient setting where she worked with adults and adolescents diagnosed with eating disorders, diabetes, Celiac Disease and other health conditions.

In her spare time, Haley loves doing DIY house projects with her husband and spending time with her family. She also enjoys hiking, golfing and thrifting.

Rachel Shelton RD, LDN

Posted June 3, 2024

Rachel is a registered and licensed dietitian with a passion for helping clients optimize their health outcomes while discovering the root-cause of their symptoms, intolerances, or hormonal imbalances. Rachel believes in the human body’s inherent wisdom, that when given the right tools, it can heal itself. She is well versed in functional nutrition and works hard to discover the root-cause of unexplainable health issues and symptoms.  Rachel believes that all clients should be heard and their concerns validated, and that there are myriad options to support hormonal health or seemingly mysterious symptoms.

Before joining Healthier Tomorrows, Rachel worked with oncology patients to help them thrive through their treatment, optimize their nutrition status, and prevent cancer recurrence. She has had success working with individuals with many different nutrition related medical conditions, and has guided them through lowering their blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure, as well as helping women with estrogen dominance, PCOS, and nutrition support during pregnancy and postpartum.

Rachel obtained her undergraduate degrees in Nutrition and Dietetics at Western Carolina University and completed her dietetic internship through Lenoir Rhyne University. She would be honored to walk alongside you in your journey to achieving optimal nutritional and physical health!

Taylor Smith MS, RD, LDN

Posted May 15, 2024

Taylor is a registered and licensed dietitian dedicated to helping her clients improve their relationship with food through an anti-diet and intuitive eating approach to nutrition therapy. With kindness and compassion, Taylor enjoys walking clients through nutrition information while utilizing evidence-based research. Through empathetic coaching and support, Taylor guides her clients in unraveling the complexities of their relationship with food. She provides practical and personalized strategies that help her clients embrace a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Taylor enjoys her work as an outpatient eating disorder dietitian! Her approach to helping others achieve recovery is centered on listening to the body’s cues and honoring its signals, as well as challenging distorted beliefs and behaviors related to food, weight, and body image. Taylor helps clients reconnect with their bodies and rediscover the joys of eating without rules and judgement.

Taylor received her Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Science at Iowa State University. She completed her dietetic internship and earned at Masters in Nutrition at the University of Illinois Chicago.

In her free time, Taylor loves spending time with her husband and daughter, taking her golden retriever on walks, participating in a book club and trying new recipes!

Jessica Smosna RD, LDN, CFNIP

Posted June 26, 2020

It’s not uncommon to feel lost and confused when it comes to food. In fact, it’s frequently the norm. Jess steers away from the diet-mentality and focuses on a food-as-medicine and a “good, better, best” approach to educate and motivate clients to thrive and grow.  Using her philosophy and approach, which are rooted in functional medicine, she has guided clients in healing and repairing their gut; supporting thyroid and immune health, reversing diabetes, elevated cholesterol, and high blood pressure; minimizing and managing pain and headaches; and supporting couples in preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum health.  She works with her clients to create a highly customized plan to support their specific health and wellness goals for optimal health.  In addition, with her emphasis on functional nutrition, she takes into consideration every aspect of each client’s health, diet, and overall lifestyle when providing nutrition recommendations.

Jess is also a Certified Functional Nutrition Informed Professional (CFNIP) and serves as the Functional Nutrition Director at Healthier Tomorrows.  Practicing functionally offers individualized food and lifestyle goals that address the root cause of illness and health struggles, rather than just addressing symptoms.  As Functional Nutrition Director, Jess advises and clinically supervises the dietitians at Healthier Tomorrows in looking at wellness from a functional perspective and addressing the whole body to support clients in optimizing their health.

Jess obtained her undergraduate degree in dietetics from Bradley University and completed her dietetic internship through the University of Houston.  She was part of the Healthier Tomorrows dietetic team from 2013 through 2015, and rejoined Healthier Tomorrows in 2020 to provide virtual nutrition education and support!  She has significant experience working with clients in outpatient settings, and she enjoys fostering relationships with clients and providing ongoing support.

Clients appreciate her non-judgmental, realistic, and upbeat approach!


Karena Vogrin RD, LDN

Posted November 8, 2023

Karena is a registered dietitian specializing in eating disorders and is dedicated to fostering a warm and supportive environment for her clients, ensuring they feel genuinely listened to and embraced at every stage of their journey.

Karena has experience working in the residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient levels of eating disorder care with adults, adolescents, and families. Karena embraces a non-diet approach that rises above societal pressures, emphasizing both emotional and physical well-being. Karena’s approach to nutrition is weight-neutral, trauma-informed, and acknowledges that health is a multifaceted journey. Within this philosophy, Karena’s focus involves cultivating mindful eating, embracing joyful movement, addressing the stigma associated with certain foods, and aiding clients in recognizing their core values specific to nutrition.

In addition to eating disorder care, Karena enjoys nutritionally supporting individuals with blood sugar management, cardiovascular health, general wellness concerns, and vegan/vegetarian nutrition.

Karena received her Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences from The Pennsylvania State University and completed her supervised practice training through Sodexo Dietetic Internships in Pennsylvania. Beyond her professional life, Karena enjoys discovering new culinary delights and exploring different locations. She cherishes moments with loved ones and enjoys nurturing her collection of plants. Karena delights in spending time with her dachshund, Theodore, and leopard gecko, Teagan.

Hannah Walker RD, LDN

Posted July 19, 2021

Hannah Walker is a registered dietitian focused on helping her clients create and maintain a healthy relationship with food and achieve and sustain balanced lifestyles. Hannah has a true passion for helping clients live happier, heathier lives with the support of nutrition counseling. She works with her clients to help them establish balanced eating patterns, create healthy daily habits, and reach their desired health and wellness goals through empathetic, non-judgmental nutrition counseling techniques. Hannah believes health is not determined by a number on a scale, and she strives to create balance in the lives of her clients while debunking the harmful beliefs of diet culture.

Hannah was born and raised in northwest Ohio. She received a bachelor’s degree in dietetics along with a graduate certificate in Food and Nutrition from Bowling Green State University. She then completed her dietetic internship in Boston, Massachusetts.

Before joining Healthier Tomorrows, Hannah worked in an outpatient clinic setting focused on nutrition counseling for improved overall health and wellness. She also has experience working as a personal chef, helping her clients adopt healthier cooking techniques in their own homes. Along with providing one-on-one nutrition counseling, Hannah is well-equipped to provide virtual cooking sessions and support her clients with meal prep, and she also offers grocery store tours.

Hannah absolutely loves to cook and create new recipes in her free time. She also enjoys traveling and planning road trips with her husband, doing yoga, and enjoying joyful movement in nature!

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