Jessie Linton RDN

Jessie Linton RD, LDN

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Jessie's Bio

Jessie is a registered dietitian who is passionate about providing nutrition counseling to individuals with eating disorders (AN, BN, BED and ARFID), chronic dieters, and those wishing to improve their relationship with food and their bodies.  She uses a non-diet approach to work with each client, building a pattern of eating that best suits their individual needs.  Jessie has experience working with clients with co-occurring health concerns, including substance use disorder, ADHD, anxiety, and depression, and she has personal experience working a 12-step program and is comfortable working with clients who are in recovery from various types of addictions.  She also has experience working with clients on the autism spectrum or those with other neurodivergent tendencies, and very much enjoys working with adolescents!  She believes that nutrition plays a vital role in managing mental and physical health conditions and hopes to provide a safe space for clients to feel comfortable discussing all aspects of health.

Jessie received her bachelor’s degree in communication and media studies from The University of Michigan and her post-bachelor certificate in dietetics from Wayne State University.  During her dietetics training, Jessie completed a clinical rotation at St. John Ascension hospital where she spent much of her time in the behavioral health unit.  In addition to nutrition counseling, Jessie has experience in long-term care, food service and adolescent eating disorder recovery programs.

Outside of helping her clients, Jessie loves spending time with her friends and family.  She enjoys staying active with running, dancing and attending live music events, but also loves staying home curled up with her cat and a good book.  Book recommendations are always welcome!

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