Weight Management

When it comes to achieving successful, long-term weight loss, we believe that knowledge is power! Although the health benefits of weight loss – increased energy, improved cardiovascular health, reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes, among others – are well documented, many individuals still struggle with finding the right combination of information, motivation, and accountability to be successful in their weight loss quest. The flood of weight loss books, blogs, products, and programs by so-called “experts” only further adds to the challenge of developing a plan that will lead to long-term success.

Our broad range of experience and scientific knowledge make us a great choice for anyone looking to safely and effectively lose weight. We can provide information, tools, and techniques on a variety of topics related to successful weight loss, including:

  • general nutrition education, including the importance and function of protein, carbohydrates and fats in the body and the best sources of each,
  • the importance of meal timing,
  • proper portion sizes,
  • balanced meal and snack ideas,
  • eating out while eating healthy,
  • the importance of hydration,
  • eating on the go,
  • the role of physical activity in weight loss, and
  • emotional eating.

Our approach to weight loss begins by working to understand each client’s specific circumstances. After the initial client evaluation, we create a customized plan that is sustainable and will help our clients make long-term healthy food and lifestyle changes. Our approach focuses on nutrition fundamentals – balance, moderation, and mindfulness – that have proven successful for our clients in the past. We work hard to ensure that our clients have the tools and support they need to experience long-lasting weight loss and improved health and wellness.

What I appreciate most about Healthier Tomorrows, and specifically Megan’s approach, is the commitment to finding the ‘right’, most holistic, and life-long solution for clients. Megan is steadfast in her creative approaches and I take comfort in the fact that she is current in her learning and what’s cutting edge in the field of nutrition and wellness.

— L.F.
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